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Cheshire Placenta offer both the Raw Dried Method and Traditional Chinese Method of placenta encapsulation. We can provide Placenta Prints and Cord Keepsakes. We also offer a variety of remedies including Smoothies, Tinctures, Balms, Creams, Mother Essence and Homeopathic Remedies.

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How the Placenta Works

There are two types of placenta encapsulation; the Raw Dried Method and the Traditional Chinese method. Both work in a similar way which involves drying out the placenta and grinding into capsules which can then be taken daily by yourself, however the Traditional Chinese Method is prepared in such a way that you can store half of the capsules in the freezer and then take them when you go through the menopause, which will put some of the hormones and nutrients back into the body that are lost during the process of menopause and alleviate the symptoms.

There are several benefits to ‘eating’ the placenta including increased milk production, lower post natal bleeding, reduced chance of post natal depression, less stress and increased energy after the birth. Your body looses a significant amount of blood, iron and nutrients during birth and by ‘eating’ the placenta you are naturally putting those nutrients back into your body which creates a healthier you and in turn a healthier baby.

Health Benefits for New Mums

The human placenta provides a rich source of nutrition at the time a new mother needs them most, following the birth which in turns allows a mother to replenish her resources and care for her baby.

The placenta supplies new mothers with iron, amino acids and essential fats and nutrients that are usually lost during the birthing process. Replenishment of these resources increases energy, reduces post-natal bleeding, enables the uterus to shrink back, increases milk supply and importantly reduces stress and the risk of post-natal depression.

Your baby’s placenta contains your own hormones which is why this is such a unique and personal supplement, it is tailor made for you!

Services & Pricing

cheshire placenta tcm capsules

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) capsules

The Traditional Chinese Method of placenta encapsulation involves steaming the placenta with green chillies, lemon and ginger which are believed to provide heat and energy to the mother that promote circulation, balance and the absorption of nutrients. Following the steaming process, the placenta is then dehydrated, ground and made into capsules. Depending on the placenta’s size it may produce between 80-200 capsules. It is recommended that you take 1-2 capsules up to 3 times a day with water for 4-6 weeks or as needed, due to the increase in energy provided by the capsule it is not recommend to take the capsules after 6pm. Additional iron supplements should be avoided and these capsules should not be taken when you have an infection in the body such as mastitis or a cold, flu or fever. You can order a tincture to take at these times which will last indefinitely and perfectly compliments the capsules.

Price: £220

placenta pills

Raw Dried Placenta Capsules

The Raw Dried Method adheres to raw food principles and therefore the placenta is not steamed or heated in any way before dehydration. After dehydration the placenta is ground and made into capsules. Depending on the placenta’s size it may produce between 80-200 capsules. It is recommended that you take 1-2 capsules up to 3 times a day with water for 4-6 weeks or as needed, due to the increase in energy provided by the capsule it is not recommend to take the capsules after 6pm. Raw placenta capsules must be stored in the freezer after 6 months.

Price: £220

placenta encapsulation

50/50 Raw Dried & TCM Capsules

At Cheshire Placenta we can prepare your placenta using a combination of the Traditional Chinese Method and the Raw Dried Method. This gives new mothers the option to take raw capsules immediately after birth, particularly where there has been a significant blood loss and a strong injection of nutrients is required. The TCM capsules are generally considered to be more ‘slow releasing’ so are perfect to be taken further on in the post-natal phase as a compliment to the Raw Dried capsules, and as previously mentioned can be stored and taken during menopause. The cost for preparing 50/50 capsules is an additional £30.

Price: £250

placenta cheshire encapsulation

Placenta Smoothie

A placenta smoothie provides an immediate boost of energy and nutrients after birth replenishing much needed vitamins, minerals and hormones lost during the birth which kick-start the recovery and repairing process as soon as possible after the delivery of your baby. The placenta smoothie can be made in the hospital by Cheshire Placenta and it includes a piece of raw placenta which is blended with banana, organic berries and spring water to make it a refreshing and delicious drink which is easy to consume. New mothers who have consumed a placenta smoothie report a boost of energy, wellbeing and report a feeling of happiness, it has also been found in studies that consuming the placenta in this way can help the mother’s milk to come in earlier. (Please note that if me odium is found in your amniotic fluid then a placenta smoothie will not be possible).

Price: £85

placenta encapsulation service

Placenta Essence Remedy

This essence can be used by you and your family, including children. This remedy can be used as a source of comfort during times of stress, illness and hormone imbalance. The essence is prepared using a distilled version of your placenta, it is prepared over a period of days involving exposure to sunlight and moonlight, capturing the soul of the placenta. You will be provided with a bottle of the essence and a dropper bottle which you can use to dispense the liquid. The usual dose is 1-4 drops when needed either taken in liquid or straight on to the tongue, the essence can last forever as you will be given instruction on how to ‘top it up’.

Price: £85

placenta tincture

Placenta Tincture for Mothers

Placenta tincture for mothers is an extract of placenta that can be used during times of hormone imbalance (eg during periods or the menopause), anxiety and stress. It can also be used during illness as a remedy and is a perfect compliment to the TCM capsules as it can be taken during a fever. It has been reported that the tincture helps with the increase of mother’s milk supply. The tincture is highly potent and is not suitable for children. It is prepared over a six week period and you will be provided with a bottle of the liquid and a dropper bottle to dispense the liquid. The usual dose is 10-40 drops in water 2-3 times per day as needed.

Price: £70

placenta remedies uk

Placenta Homeopathic Remedy

A homeopathic remedy can be made from your placenta which is a great option for you and your baby. The remedy can be used during times of anxiety, stress, illness, depression and low mood. This remedy can also be given to your baby if they develop colic, are going through the teething process, or are upset during times of separation, stress or illness. You will be provided with two strengths of the remedy: 30C for adult use and 7C for babies. Cheshire Placenta’s homeopath will keep a sample of your placenta for 5 years and you are able to order more for future use.

Price: £80

placenta encapsulation north west

Placenta Cream

Placenta cream is packed full of female hormones which build and maintain collagen in the skin, did you know that the majority of facial creams contain placenta? Until 1994 in the UK facial creams contained human placenta but now contain placenta sourced from other animal, most commonly sheep and cows! Placenta cream is a natural and homemade skin care product which delays the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of ageing. Ingredients include a rich unscented base cream infused with your placenta and essential oils of your choice, either lavender and chamomile, this cream can also be used on skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Price: £60

cheshire placenta balm

Placenta Balm

Placenta balm is a perfect natural remedy for nappy rash and inflammatory skin conditions due to the high level of cortisol and DHEA (a natural steroid hormone) existing within the placenta which are easily absorbed through the skin thus making it an effective remedy. This balm can also effectively be used by new mothers to assist in healing wounds including c-section scars, perineal tears and can be used on sore or cracked nipples (ensure it is wiped off before breast-feeding). Placenta balm is a natural and homemade skin care product which involves infusing the placenta with calendula oil, beeswax and essential oils.

Price: £60

cheshire placenta babycare

Placenta Baby Care Cream

Placenta Baby Care cream is a natural and homemade product which contains an infusion of your placenta for its use on you and your baby. Due to its soft formulation the cream is easily absorbed into your baby’s skin, effectively cooling and soothing irritated, infected or dry skin. It is also a fantastically natural way of rehydrating newborn’s dry skin following bathing and includes no chemicals.

Price: £60

placenta print

Placenta Print (A3)

Here at Cheshire Placenta we feel having a momentum that will last for a lifetime and to celebrate the birth of your child is magical. We only use size A3 fine art paper to make the print of your placenta before we encapsulate it. You can then frame the print to your specifications.

Price: £70


Placenta Cord Keepsake

We will also prepare your placenta cord and give it to you for free as a keep sake. (If you do not want the placenta cord keepsake, please let us know)

Price: Free

Special Offer: Save 10%

Cheshire Placenta’s Complete Package

Here at Cheshire Placenta we offer a complete package which contains:

  • 50/50 Raw Dried Placenta Capsules & Traditional Chinese Method Capsules
  • Placenta Essence Remedy
  • Placenta Tincture for Mothers
  • Placenta Homeopathic Remedy
  • Placenta Cream
  • Placenta Balm
  • Placenta BabyCare Cream
  • Placenta Print
cheshire placenta

All for the price of £650 – that’s a saving of £85!

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Cheshire Placenta and You

Once you have booked with us, chosen your package and paid a deposit we will make a note of your due date and location of delivery. When you go into labour we advise you take a cool box with you to hospital or have one in your home in the case of home birth (we can provide the cool box) you let us know by text/call when you go into labour so we are on standby and once you have delivered and we will come and collect the placenta (usually from your birth partner in the hospital car park!). It is worth mentioning to your midwife that you intend to keep your placenta and have it as part of your birth plan so that they don’t discard it. Once we have collected your placenta we usually have the capsules ready within 48 hours – some of the other remedies can take longer. You can take 1-3 capsules per day (although they should be taken before 6pm as the boost in energy can keep you awake if taken too late!). They should be stored in a cool dark place and if after 6 months you still have capsules left then they should be stored in the freezer. The only real housekeeping issue is that you should wash your hands before and after handling the capsules as they do contain a ‘food’ source.

About Cheshire Placenta

Cheshire Placenta are based in Warrington and cover all areas of Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire.

At Cheshire Placenta we use two methods of placenta encapsulation; The Raw Dried Method and the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM). Both methods are suitable to be consumed by new mothers and the choice of which method to use is entirely personal, neither is better than the other. It should be noted however that the Traditional Chinese Method allows you to freeze the capsules and take them during the menopausal stage, once again putting essential hormones back into the body which are depleted during the menopause process.

Safety & Hygiene

Here at Cheshire Placenta we understand just how important Cleanliness, Food Safety, Infection Control and the care given to your placenta is.

That’s what separates Cheshire Placenta from other suppliers, we have our own dedicated kitchen and premises where your placenta will be cared and prepared for in the strict, safe, environment of our infection-free dedicated work areas.

Cheshire Placenta’s dedicated work area

Meet the Team

lucinda rose

Lucinda Rose

Lucinda Rose is a qualified Maternity Nurse/Post Natal Carer and Post Natal Care Educator with a passion for empowering women particularly through the difficult stages of pregnancy, birth and caring for new-borns. Lucinda also has a degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Applied Child Psychology and has previously worked extensively in the NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Lucinda specialises in working with parents of Multiples, babies with Reflux and Special Needs and working with mothers who have Post Natal Depression.

Lucinda is very passionate about the power of the Placenta which is why along with her partner Adrian Derbyshire she set up Cheshire Placenta to enable mothers to absorb the vital nutrients lost during child birth. Lucinda is planning on becoming a qualified Birth Doula and Hypno-Birthing practitioner in 2017.

adrian derbyshire

Adrian Derbyshire

Adrian Derbyshire is a qualified Sports Health and Wellbeing practitioner and Nutritionist. Adrian is also a qualified Hypnotherapist and specialises in the areas of Hypno-Birthing, Pain Management, Anxiety, Smoking and Weight Loss.

Adrian also trained as a doula and helped deliver his two children through home births. As a nutritionist Adrian advocates the benefits Placenta Encapsulation and Placenta remedies. Adrian qualified as a doula and delivered his own daughter during a home birth and he is passionate about empowering fathers to take an active role in the pregnancy and birth process as well as being hands on when the baby is born!


Lucinda and Adrian are both qualified to a very high level in Placenta Encapsulation and Remedies and both hold certificates in The Principles of HACCP Level 2 (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing and Infection Control for Blood Bourne Viruses. Cheshire Placenta have a designated area for working with Placentas which has been purpose-built specifically and is maintained to a very high standard.

Placenta Encapsulation: Case Studies

Suzi, Carl & Baby Cooper

“I first heard about the benefits of placenta encapsulation after watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and more recently Real Housewives of Cheshire. Like most people my initial thought was ‘why would anyone want to do that’. However, I was intrigued by the benefits and started doing some research online. This is where I came across Cheshire Placenta. I contacted Adrian and Lucinda who explained all of benefits and options that were available to me. I decided to go ahead with the Raw Method of capsules…”

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